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Post by Admin on Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:06 am

Welcome to the Paper Mario and the EverClear Night Forum!

This forum is a work in progress, but you can help build it by posting and discussing what needs done!

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What is Paper Mario and the EverClear Night?

Paper Mario & the Everclear Night is a story written by David Burner, known online as gestaltScribbler. As its name suggests, Everclear Night is heavily influenced by the Paper Mario video game series, and takes place in the same universe. The story follows Booboo the boo, Shyla the shy guy, Clyde the goomba, and others on their adventures. Forum readers of the story can submit actions and suggestions for the characters of the story, and gestaltScribbler uses some or all to further the story in each update. With that in mind, gS has great plans, and guides the story his own way when it comes to important plot points.

Overall, Paper Mario & the Everclear Night is a great story with lovely art, fun characters , and a lot of interesting concepts. I hope you enjoy!

Where can I read/play Paper Mario and the EverClear Night?

You can read and play along with the story in the forum thread on the MSPA Forums! Just follow the links below. To play, make sure to click the current thread!

Thread 1

Thread 2 (Current)

You can also simply read along on the easy to follow Mirror, although you can't issue commands there. It's a good place to catch up with the story.


You can also find out lots of information from our Wiki! It can be a great resource for fan content and information.


We also have:

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